What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'classic'? Something glorious? Something remarkable? Somebody famous? Have you ever said to yourself 'I wish I could have lived in that time' or 'I wish I could have made history’? We believe in a God that makes new things, a God who wants to partner with us in a new journey! You may have heard memorable stories of former YWAM missionaries, who did a Discipleship Training School and became a world changer. With that we present our Classic DTS! It’s old but gold, because your time has come. It's the classic YWAM DTS for those who want to experience, reinvent and write your own story.


Start date: 06th March 2019

End date: 16th August 2019


Lecture: $4,200 +$40 registration fee AUD

Outreach: $4.500 AUD*

*includes food, accommodation, transport, airfares and travel insurance


Australia + East Timor