To know God and to make Him known;
This is the greatest adventure you'll ever experience!

You will have the most incredible experiences in this DTS!  We are convinced that your relationship with God will jump to a whole new level as you dive into this journey, and yes! Koalas, kangaroos and beautiful beaches are included in the package, Don't worry, we've got your back  :)

Here's a sum-up of what to expect of this unique opportunity:

The DTS  is designed for you to get to know God in such an intimate way, in a way that will result in you knowing your identity in Him, and to step into everything he has prepared for you!

You'll also have 2 months to experience what you've been learning,
in your outreach, you'll be taken to some of the most adventurous places on earth where you'll be able to share God's love with those who still don't know Him.

This is it! the time is now to say yes to this incredible journey God has prepared for you!
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Start date: 13th February 2020

End date: 17th July 2020


Lecture: $4,200 AUD AUD

Outreach: 3.500 to 5.000 AUD AUD*

*includes food, accommodation, transport, airfares and travel insurance


Australia and Pacific Islands