Principles in Child & Youth Ministries (PCYM)

PCYM is an exciting and challenging six month course that will equip you for working with both children and young people.

It will lay foundations in your life and help you to understand the principles behind all aspects of child and youth ministry.

The PCYM is a YWAM second level school and includes lecture and outreach phases. PCYM examines the issues and challenges of ministering to today’s youth culture and at risk children within a Biblical framework.

The aim of the course is to equip and release leaders who will impact young people who will in turn impact many more. To see young people not only develop a solid life long relationship with God, but to see them mobilised into missions and careers of purpose and fulfilment.

God’s desire is for all young people to discover their destiny and fulfil their potential in Him – to have a hope and a future. God’s heart’s desire is to release young people of all nations to go to the ends of the Earth to make a difference and to help complete the Great Commission.

PCYM is for people who are called to serve young people. It is ideal for those who want to reach, disciple, help and release children and youth into their destiny. More specifically, PCYM is for those who want to develop their gifts, deepen their understanding of children and young people, and gain experience working with children and youth.

PCYM 2018 – July 10 to December 14, 2018

The vision for this year’s PCYM is ”Multiplying children and youth ministries in the Pacific region.” The outreach will involve running children and youth ministry seminars, and helping with children and youth ministry in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

At the moment the overview for the school looks like this (lots of things still to be finalised!)

  • July 10 – Start date
  • July & August – Tasmania. This time will be mostly lectures.
  • September – Thailand for 3-4 weeks, attending YWAM Together conference (more info here: and working with a YWAM orphanage. This will include both lectures and outreach.
  • October – PNG for 2-3 weeks. This will be mostly outreach, helping to run seminars and being involved in children and youth ministry.
  • October-November – Solomon Islands for 2-3 weeks. Same as PNG, helping to run seminars and being involved in children and youth ministry.
  • November – Melbourne, participating in Awakening Australia (more details here:
  • December – Tasmania
  • December 14 – Graduation! (There is an option to stay on for another 4 weeks which would include 1-2 weeks off, then 2 weeks outreach at Impact Summer in Byron Bay)
  • Lecture phase cost: AUD$4200
  • Outreach phase cost: estimated AUD$4000-$5000
  • Unit 1 – Develop a plan for a Christian children’s or youth ministry programme or event
  • Unit 2 – Deliver a Christian children’s or youth training/teaching session Introduces
  • Unit 3 – Lead worship and/or intercession for children and youth
  • Unit 4 – Explain the gospel message to children and youth
  • Unit 5 – Develop a Biblical response to current trends among children and youth
  • Unit 6 – Incorporate prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare and worship into ministry
  • Unit 7 – Work as a member of a team
  • Unit 8 – Establish a practice of continuous personal and ministry development
  • Human development: understanding the physical, emotional and mental development of children and teens.
  • Understanding youth culture
  • Opportunities to sharpen skills discover gifts and callings, grow in character, deepen Biblical understanding and gain practical experience.
  • The foundational principles of King’s Kids International and YWAM
  • Spiritual capacity of children and youth
  • Outdoors Ministry
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Programme and Curriculum development
  • Children at risk, Child Protection and good practice
  • Reaching the unreached
  • Inter-generational models of ministry
  • Strategy for working with pre-teens
  • Motivating children and youth in praise, worship and intercession
  • Creativity in all aspects of youth ministry
  • Biblical worldview as it relates to children and youth
  • Discipling families
  • Understanding ourselves and others through personality types, love languages, etc.
  • Expressions of KKi with the four phases: CARE, Reach, and Mobilizing Discipling.
  • We run the PCYM in July every second year. The next school commences in July 2018.
  • The fee for the lecture phase is $AU4200. This covers all tuition, materials, room and board. The cost of the outreach varies, depending on destination and duration.
  • Completion of a YWAM DTS is a prerequisite to attending this course.