The Diploma in Christian Missions Leadership ( DML) is a live-in two year long course that will give the student an opportunity to develop their understanding of leadership and learn practically; to have time to develop their skills and capacity in a Christian missions community and to grow deeper in their foundations of Christianity. The student will take part in both participating in try and e leadership opportunities within the context of our Southlands ministries.
The following are key components of the DML

• Weekly teaching on Small group dynamics, and basic leadership principles to do with Leadership Character, skill and knowledge
• Weekly discussions and practical applications of teaching content
• One on one’s with senior school staff and leaders
• Practical opportunities for the exercising of personal gifts and skills
• Spiritual leadership and ministry workshops
• Practical opportunity to gain skills in leading and inspiring people
• Practical opportunity to lead a small group both during lecture phase and during outreach phase
• Personal mentoring to assist in the developing your own calling
• Opportunity to lead a mobile ministry team
• Mentoring in personal gifts and callings

Course curriculum
Course name – 10174NAT Diploma in Christian Missions Leadership. Upon completion of all units of the course you will obtain a Diploma of Christian Missions Leadership.

Costs – the course is charged per module, there is a minimal fee to cover costs
Pre-requisite – Applicants need to have completed 10173NAT Certificate IV in Christian Missions prior to acceptance into this course.
Dates: Start and finish (if relevant)
The course runs in conjunction with normal school terms – opportunities to join the course happen at four times each year.