The emphases here in YWAM Tasmania is on hearing God’s voice, worship, and building community.

Tasmania is a wonderful place, it is the smallest state in Australia which means that realistically after some time you could visit the length and breadth of our small parcle of paradise. Tassie is a great representative of the nation of Australia as well.

We feel that God has a powerful and significant message for Tasmania which will shape the destiny of our nation and our region of the world.

Our dream is to build a self sustaining environmentally friendly centre where folk can spend time getting to know God. This means we are developing more community buildings, more housing, and increasing our sustainable community projects. We feel that God has spoken over this place as an ideas centre and a place to pray.

Our property is quite large (300 acres) which means there is plenty of space. for growth. The hills and valleys surrounding us are picturesque and the sound of birds and animals will greet you each day.

The legacy of this property has been in caring and equipping people. We continue these objectives today through all of our ministries and relational endeavours.

We are grateful for the team of people that we are working with and trust that you might find a place also her in YWAM Southlands Tasmania.
Ray and Shiree Lind (Base Leaders)

Beauty you will not see anywhere in the world