What is WISE?

The WISE Seminar is a 6-week course that involves daily lectures, local outreach in Tasmania and, of course, lots of community worship and intercession! This seminar combines training in worship, intercession, spiritual warfare and evangelism. The training emphasizes the correlation between fruitful evangelism and deepening a relationship with God in worship, discovering His plan in intercession, and reinforcing His will in spiritual warfare.

Our heart for WISE

The word on our hearts for this seminar is intimacy.

God has been speaking to us about transformation, and we believe that intimacy in our relationship with God plays a huge role in seeing transformation. God wants us to come closer to Him as an end in itself. But, through greater intimacy with Him, we will also see breakthrough in our lives and in our community. We feel that this is a time of connection with the Lord, strengthening relationships, and improving our WISE skills as He prepares us for what He has in store for us.

Get involved: WISE Growth

Are you a part of our local community in Tasmania? Are you interested in WISE, but can't commit to a 6-week program? Don't worry, you can still get involved!

Get a taste of WISE and join our WISE Growth night program one night/week. This night program will allow you to be involved in some of our community worship, intercession, and evangelism sessions. You'll also get a chance to hear from our guest speakers, spend time in fellowship with other WISE students, and participate in local outreach.

If you are interested in joining WISE Growth, please contact us for more information on program requirements, costs, and other details (to be confirmed).


Start date: 22nd July 2019

End date: 30th August 2019


Approximately $ 600 AUD

includes: Tuition

More info

YWAM Southlands Hobart



Successful completion of DTS