An important part of our mission is to go. There are many opportunities that you can be involved in. all of our training is both in the classroom and in a practical context. We can help organise or arrange outreach trips

Love Tasmania

Our desire is to see teams from all over Australia and the nations to come to Tasmania and join us in spreading the love of God to every person in every town. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to encounter God’s love. Will you join us?

In our uniting with the YWAM centres in Victoria and South Australia to form YWAM Southlands, we have had several DTS’s from both places come down and stay with us for two weeks each. This has been the beginning of our ‘Love Tasmania’ movement.

We want to see all of Tasmania encounter the goodness of God. There are many needs and a lot of rejection on this small island. We want them to know God has chosen them, is calling them to a place of belonging in His family and they are no longer rejected. We want to get the message out to every single town in Tasmania.

We have already started visiting towns and networking with the local church in each of them. We have been talking and praying with people on the streets, making connections for future ministry opportunities, worshiping & proclaiming truth in key locations, seminars, working bees in local communities, helping clean yards of those who are unable to and exploring the breath-taking beauty of this state.

Opportunities exist all year long for you to bring your church team, your youth group or simply come and join another team. We have a desire to take the love of God to every village, suburb, town and city in Tasmania.

See one of the most beautiful places on the planet and do something positive for the Kingdom of God.

We have ministered in 1 % of locations in Tasmania since April 2012

Summer Outreach

Over the Summer holiday period, we organise and participate in some great outreaches. It could be going with a team up to Byron Bay for an impact summer outreach with lots of beach activities and night time engagements.

Or it could be new year’s eve outreach in the city, or sharing with people as the yachts come into Hobart, or talking to people outside a sporting venue in Melbourne.

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Celebrate Victoria

Celebrate Victoria is a continuing effort to gather disciples and outreach to towns across Victoria. There are two parts to this event. Firstly, an equipping seminar through teaching and impartation; and then an activation week, In 2014, CV reached out to 40 towns, bringing people to Christ and serving alongside local ministries.

The purpose of the activation week was evangelism. We partnered with the church to reach out to the community. this happened in a variety of ways; through linking in with existing ministries, and through street evangelism, random acts of kindness, visiting homes, doing a free BBQ in a park or just being led by the Holy Spirit on that day.

Upside down Circus

Every year in the September-October school holidays the churches in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide come together to create an amazing party for the kids and their families in the form of a Circus.

Every attraction and every game has the goal to present Jesus in creative, fun and interactive ways. An amazing example of unity that we are proud to be part of and serve.

Pancakes in the park

Friday afternoons finds everyone (yes, everyone!) from our Adelaide base going to the local park to engage with the local community, develop friendships and share life by serving free delicious pancakes and playing sports together!

Go Fest

GO FEST is a missions gathering with a twist: inviting believers from every background to come together, and then GO on a short-term outreach.

First experience dynamic speakers, passionate worship, and practical workshops. Then put it all into action on a local or international outreach. Come as a team with your church, school, mission organisation, or on your own to be placed on a team to GO.

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Every year the youth of South Australia go to the costal town of Victor Harbor to celebrate the end of High School, and every year we join hundreds of Christian volunteers in the adventure of proving them with a safe place to celebrate life.

We engage in amazing conversations aiming to show them their true value in God, the great destiny awaiting them and the endless possibilities of life.

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Ethiopia Medical Outreach

For the last eight years medical teams from Australia have been serving a small unreached people group in Ethiopia. The teams are made up of both medical professionals and volunteers, each with the passion to practically express God’s love to poor and needy people.

The people group served by the team is marginalised and oppressed, lacking access to even basic healthcare. Many of the illnesses that the team encounters are easily treatable, with medication that is provided to the patients free of charge.

Travelling to different villages each day, the team usually treats around 300 patients. The non-medical volunteers assist to dispense medication and provide activities for the children. Others are involved with praying for the sick and interceding for the team.

As well as meeting physical needs, the members of the team also seek to share their faith in God. Over the last two years the team has seen spiritual breakthrough with some people being healed and receiving Jesus into their lives.

The team partners with local Ethiopian organisations which have an ongoing work amongst the people group. The team is led by two members of our staff at YWAM Southlands Tasmania, and is made up of YWAM and local church volunteers.

Join us for two weeks each year, usually during the month of October.