Mission Builders

Mission Builders are skilled and unskilled volunteers who want to contribute to the advancement of the Kingdom of God by using practical skills to build facilities and serve Youth With A Mission bases around the World.

At any given time, our number of volunteers working at Southlands can be hard to count. Friends of YWAM partner with us in many ways, from driving buses and repairing doors to working in the kitchen and helping lead Kings Kids outreaches, working on fundraising ventures or helping out with the accounts. These people are an invaluable part of our ministry who join with us to pray, worship, work and have fun.

Because of our varied facilities, we have many renovating and building projects going on throughout the year, so if you have skills in building, plumbing, carpentry, painting or would just like to give us a hand then we would love to hear from you. You can come for three weeks or three months. Stay at one location or spend a little time at each. It is a great opportunity to mix with people from many countries of the world, to hear more of what is happening in missions and to really give us a valuable, needed helping hand.

We are also in need of people who can train young people who are coming through our schools in the areas mentioned above.  The more skills you can multiply the better. So if you enjoy working alongside people and inputting into their lives, then this can be a great opportunity.

People with catering/cooking skills sometimes come in during our training schools to provide nutritional well-balanced meals to our hungry hordes. A well-appreciated and very important ministry.

Anyone who is over 18 and loves to give a hand in any shape or form may apply. Just give us a call or email if you would like any more information.

We love welcoming volunteers from all over the world to join with us in helping people. If you are interested in missions and have a heart to serve, and have a few days weeks or months spare then Mission Building is for you!

Whether you are skilled or unskilled,  then we have a project for you! You’ll be amazed at the contribution you make, the friendships and the adventures you have, even in just a short time. Mission Builders have served in everything from helping in the kitchen, building repairs or even IT and communications. Other opportunities include hospitality, reception, and administration.

Costs are minimal, we ask for a small weekly fee to cover your living costs as part of our community and then you only need “pocket” money. If you are from overseas talk to us about the right visa process and health insurance. We are incredibly grateful for the Mission Builders that have served at our centres over the years, showing up at just the right time and jumping in to lend a hand.

Mission Building is an incredible opportunity to make new friendships, broaden your perspectives, grow in your faith, and travel with a purpose!

Fill out an application form  and “Come join us”


Do you want to contribute some time to serve God? YWAM Southlands locations can use your help! Volunteering for YWAM could mean giving a few hours a week or a month. You can bring a whole group with you, or come by yourself. We have had people volunteer to help with gardens, vehicle repairs, catering, renovations and trade skill areas like plumbing and electrical work.


Upon the successful completion of a DTS, you can join YWAM as staff. Being on staff with YWAM is an adventure in faith. And a wonderful opportunity to learn many skills, help in diverse circumstances, see some amazing places and influence others. You can join staff for a couple of years, or stay for life.

In many of our locations, one of the joys of joining staff is to serve side by side with people from a variety of nations and people from numerous different Christian denominations – all working together.
We invite you to join our full-time staff at YWAM Southlands. We are looking for capable and zealous staff that are dedicated to seeing the Gospel presented to the unreached world, no matter the cost, so that Jesus may receive His full reward.

Prayer Team

Consider becoming a member of our support Prayer team. A group of people from both within our centres and from the community, come together to pray for YWAM, our schools, our staff and our projects