YWAM Southlands Melbourne has a diversity of ministries at our campus. Kerygma would be one of them; Kerygma, which is Greek for the first proclamation of the Good News is a specific ministry towards the Catholic World.

We aim to help equip Catholic young people to know God better and to make Him known better. We also help YWAM and other groups to understand the Catholic culture better in order to see a transformation of the whole body of Christ.

We believe that diversity is needed to have true unity. Kerygma helps to find unity in diversity. Please contact us for more information.

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House of Prayer

Melbourne House of Prayer is

  • …a space centred around the worth and beauty of Jesus! It’s a place where singers and musicians minister to God and where people can come and join in with that worship, seek God, experience more of him and enjoy his presence.

Melbourne House of Prayer is…

  • A creative space for people to express their love to god in different ways (room to dance, paint, draw, desks to study and places to soak and mediate)

  • A safe, encouraging environment for singers, worshipers and worship teams to develop holy-spirit led prophetic worship.

  • A means to pray and sing the holy scriptures over a city and region.

  • A free place for people from all cultures, languages and parts of the body of christ, to come, pray and worship god and get to know him more.

Melbourne House of Prayer is about…

  • The first commandment -loving god with all we are

  • Joining with god’s spirit as he is moving on people’s hearts all over the world. He is raising up a generation who will stand before him, see him in his beauty and holiness, declaring his goodness, hearing his heart, prophesying and decreeing his will to the nations.

  • Creating a place where people can come and be with God, grow in their relationship with him, join with the angels in heaven (revelations 4) in worshiping god day and night, because he is worthy and holy, joining with jesus in interceding for his people.

  • Creating a resting place for God’s presence to dwell (modelled after the tabernacle of David in 1 Chr. 15:1–17 where hundreds of singers and musicians ministered to the lord 24/7).

  • Responding to God’s desire to have fire on the altar, seeing incense (worship) rising from the ends of the earth, (malachi 1.11)

  • Changing the spiritual atmosphere, agreeing with heaven and releasing god’s plans for our city and nations.

Visit us and get involved.
All are welcome to come to any of our prayer room sets. Night sessions are relaxed and open for all people to come. We are looking for singers, musicians, sound technicians and people who love his presence and want more.

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Encounter his presence

This is a free event for anyone and everyone who is thirsty for more of God. The evening will be a night of waiting on God in praise and worship, sharing faith stories, praying for healing, and releasing words of life over individuals and our beautiful city! We love to honour His Presence in unity


We reach an amazing breakthrough in worship, God pours out a lot of joy, and many people are prayed for and prophesied over. God has really been taking us on a journey from encounter to encounter, so we are more excited than ever for where he will take us this time. Whether it’s your first time hearing about this event or you’ve been a part since the beginning, come and worship with us as we Encounter God!

This event is constantly growing, and we have people from all different churches, denominations, backgrounds, and ages. Everyone is welcome, nothing can exclude you. Just bring your hunger for God!


The community we live in:
Sunshine is an extremely multicultural and diverse suburb in Melbourne and it faces significant problems like violence, drug & alcohol abuse and many other negative social issues. We want to bring an awareness of peace, unity & love, to train & equip the generation of today to live a life that supports, respects and encourages.

Our vision is to see as many lives as possible reached with the Gospel through – evangelism, music, dance, drama and discipleship, to help individuals to identify a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and who we are in God, to offer a service that assists churches and organisations to reach the Sunshine community through ministry outreach opportunities, to see the Church plant movement, EAT, TALK & PRAY multiplied and duplicated in Australia and beyond.


Comunidade Nova Alianca (New Covenant Community) is an initiative reaching out to the Brazilian community in Adelaide;

Developed in partnership with the mother church from Sydney, NSW, every week we share a time with university students in exchange programs and we run a Connect Group where families, students and kids celebrate their culture heritage by worshiping God together and studying the Bible in their own language.

Lots of life, sound and food!