Discover DTS – July 2018

You will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 GNT

This DTS is about Discovery!

DTS is often described as a journey of discovery, embarking on new adventures, allowing yourself to be taken to new heights and stepping into unfamiliar territory with God. Discover DTS is just that! But the best part is that God promises to show up when we do! How awesome is that? The road of discovery is always a challenging one yet it is also wonderfully fulfilling. You can expect to meet God on a more intimate level as you journey on allowing Him the opportunity to take you into new and greater depths. Discovery is an experience like no other, as it allows you to grow closer to God in a very personal way. In this time, you will have in your journey other eager young individuals such as yourself joining the School as well as a dedicated team of Staff who are just as eager to support you and grow alongside you from the minute you arrive.


09 July 2018 – 07 December 2018

The DTS has two parts:

Lecture Phase

During the Lecture Phase, we’ll dig deep into the character of God and find out how His love transforms our lives. As a DTS community, we come before the Lord daily to learn from Him and apply His word to our lives. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of biblical truth, transformation takes place.

Living in community, working with and learning from people of different cultures and personalities, brings about a deeper perspective of God’s world. This further equips each student to serve God’s purposes by strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor, and to influence all areas of society.

As you grow in relationship with God, you will also be empowered to share His love with others. You will learn about evangelism, missions and extend God’s hope to the poor and needy. Each week, you will have opportunities to put into practice the principles you learn, in our local community and the city of Melbourne.

Outreach Phase

Outreach will involve sharing God’s transforming love with people who desperately need it. There are communities all over the globe lacking the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. People are crying out for someone to come alongside them as the hands and feet of Christ to show them the love of the Father.

Our DTS outreach teams go and find the lost wherever they are, and then demonstrate the love of God in whatever way they can. Our heart is to go where there is a physical and spiritual need and practically demonstrate God’s love by helping to meet those needs. It’s all about bringing the love of Christ to people through our lives and through the gifts that God has given us.


Registration Fee:

$40.00 AUD

Lecture Phase (Includes tuition, accommodation, and food):

$4,200.00 AUD

Outreach location (Includes accommodation, food, travel expenses and travel insurance):

$3,000.00 – $5,000.00*

*Cost will vary depending on location.

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