ACTS DTS – January 2019

January 29 to July 5, 2019

This DTS combines 4 great themes!


Being a disciple is a life-long adventure of following God! Whether you’re working in the heart of a mega-city, or in a remote desert; in a business, at home, or missions; whatever you do with the rest of your life, be prepared for the adventure that awaits!


Life is all about connection… Our connection with God, who created us and desires to have relationship with us; and with the people he places around us. DTS will give you the chance to grow in your relationship with God alongside others who want to love and serve God.


God doesn’t want us to conform to the pattern of the world, he wants us to be transformed from within, by Him. People who have been transformed by God are then able to transform the world around them, in the power of God. They become world changers!


Following Jesus is about surrendering our lives to Him, being willing to go wherever He leads and serve in any way He directs. He has a plan and purpose for your life, to serve His kingdom purposes. You will discover this more fully as you step out to serve on DTS.

Our Location – Breathtaking Tasmania!

The ACTS DTS is based at our YWAM centre in breathtaking Tasmania. Located on a 200 acre property just outside Hobart, we are surrounded by beautiful farmland. We share the property with various forms of Australian wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies and wombats. A great place to experience God!

Tasmania is home to world heritage listed rainforest and alpine wilderness areas, spectacular landscapes, rugged highlands and quiet solitary beaches. We’ll have the opportunity to explore some of these during the DTS.

During the DTS, we will also travel to Melbourne and Adelaide, giving you the opportunity to engage with YWAM in three diverse locations.

DTS lecture themes & related topics

Lecture Phase

Living in a dynamic missionary community provides a stimulating environment to get to know God more. In the classroom we will focus on a different topic each week, learning from experienced speakers who have lived out the principles they teach. You will also have opportunities to learn outside the classroom through worship, prayer, small groups and one-on-one discipleship. The emphasis is on encountering God and responding to Him, practically applying what you learn, which leads to growth in your relationship with Him.

As you grow in relationship with God, you will also learn about His love for the lost, and be empowered to share His love with others. You will learn about evangelism, missions and extending God’s hope to the poor and needy. Each week, you will have opportunities to put into practice the principles you learn, in our local community and the city of Hobart.


We will be running a four-day Niko program as part of the ACTS DTS. Niko is a Greek word which means “to conquer or to overcome.” The Niko program will take you outdoors to learn more about yourself and who God made you to be; about leadership and working in teams, vital for the outreach phase of the DTS.

Outreach Phase

Imagine using your gifts and passions to share God’s love with people who need it! Our DTS outreach teams go and find the lost wherever they are, and then demonstrate the love of God in whatever way they can: sports, drama, music, practical service, praying for needs, healthcare – we do it all. It’s all about bringing the love of Christ to people through our lives and through the gifts that God has given us.

Wherever you go on outreach:
• You will grow in confidence as you see God using you to show His love to others.
• You will gain a greater perspective of the world and what God is doing.
• You will see great needs and be part of God’s solution


Lecture phase: $4,200 AUD (including food, accommodation and tuition)
Outreach phase: approx $3,000-$5,000 AUD – depending on location (including food, accommodation, transport, airfares and travel insurance)

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