YWAM Southlands Adelaide – South Australia

If you are searching for a location with a multiplicity of active ministries reaching out to the community week in and week out, search no further, Adelaide is your place!

We invite outreach teams from local churches and YWAM locations to come and partner with us! Your team won’t lose any time and your efforts won’t be lost as you will be joining our ministries in our passions: working with homeless, reaching out to those trapped in the sex industry, serving local churches, actively working in the discipleship of children and youth, living the community where they serve and passionately believing in the transformation of these neighbourhoods.

From the beautiful beaches to the outback of South Australia and beyond! Urban communities, beachside communities, country towns and aboriginal communities all in one location. Your team will have an amazing experience and the fruits of your work will remain in the Kingdom of God.

We have great facilities for families and as well for singles!
Please contact us for more information and let us know how we can help to make your outreach trip unforgettable.

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