Abide DTS – July 2018

Starts July 5th, 2018

This DTS is all about your identity in Christ!

We believe that everything we do needs to flow from an intimate relationship with the Father.
in this DTS we are focused on knowing Him in a intimate way; a way that will fully reveal who He is and who we are in Him. We’re no longer ”trying” to do ministry, but simply walking in the reality of who He says we are.
No longer only working for Him, but walking with Him instead… there’s real fruit in Abiding!
”Abide in me, without me you can do nothing” – John 15

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What to Expect:

Doing a DTS in Adelaide you can expect to become part of the family!
YWAM Adelaide has always had a strong sense of family going back to when the base was founded. We look to cultivate this as we believe in not just living in community but living as a family.
Parents and their cute kids, single young men and women create a fun and loving atmosphere.

You’ll have so much fun in this community while learning more about who God is and who you are, discovering your identity in Christ and then walking on it, which we believe to be the Key to live and experience everything God has for you!
Your view will be shaped and challenged as you grow in God and understand his purpose for you life and how to respond to the need of those around you.

During lectures you’ll be equipped with amazing weekly topics, that will challenge and build your faith but also have the opportunity to be part of our weekly ministries and outreaches,
reaching out to kids and youth at risk through after school programs and youth groups, as well as being an answer to women trapped in the sex industry and also the homeless of the city of Adelaide through other two ministries we run in partnership with the local church.

Come and join our YWAM family, let us know God and make Him known together!

Our Heart

Our YWAM centre has a heart for intimacy with God; We believe that all the work and ministry we do needs to flow out of relationship with the Father as a response to love and not blind obedience led by obligation. The difference between obligation and privilege is found in the heart.
YWAM Southlands Adelaide understands the importance of connecting with the local community and responding to the needs of those around us. This is expressed in our life style as well as in the ministries we run on a weekly basis and overseas outreach teams.

Even though Adelaide is one of the most liveable cities in the whole world and a beautiful place to be, the city is also in pain and great need to see the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.
There’s an awakening happening in the body of Christ, a young generation that won’t settle for nothing other than living the gospel and to know and be known by nothing but Jesus.

YWAM Adelaide is highly involved in local ministries

-DUO (Do onto others): A ministry in partnership with the Salvation Army that reaches out to the homeless and less fortunate in the city of Adelaide; we serve about 200 meals every Saturday as we spend quality time, playing games, serving good coffee, praying and building relationship which enables us to minister the love of Jesus and the changing power of the gospel.

-Rahab: A ministry that works to see women in the sex slave industry set free.

-NCOH Youth and Kids (Northern Communities of Hope): A ministry in partnership with a local church working with underprivileged teens who have faced hard situations at a young age.

-Kids club: An after school program where we get to spend quality time with young kids who come from difficult backgrounds and in hard family situations..

-Streetlight: An initiative of Youth Pastor Ben Rowe, this ministry hasn’t been going for long, but is reaching out the youth of Elizabeth in an amazing way, bringing hope, friendship, value and unraveling the potential in the lives of this young generation.

As a school we will be taken to the beautiful island of Tasmania and the vibrant state of Victoria, as well as doing an overseas trip to empower local communities with the gospel. We will be living in the prophecies spoken by previous missionaries and giants of the faith who have gone before us to make a difference.

Once completed the DTS, you are opened up to a world of further opportunities in the Kingdom of God!

DTS is split up into two main parts:

Lecture Phase

12 weeks of intensive lectures where lecturers come and share the revelations of the character and nature of God.

In the classroom we learn a different subject every week about the different character traits of God. Some of the subjects are: Biblical worldview, the Father heart of God, The Holy Spirit, Radical Jesus, Loving Relationships, and World Missions.

Being surrounded by people hungry for the same thing really helps you develop your Identity in Christ, by also incorporating worship and prayer you see your thirst for God increasing.

You will also engage in one on ones with school staff to mentor you through the school. This monitors your progress and helps you ask bigger questions. As you grow with God you will develop a passion to reach nations and see the heart of God in your own life.

Outreach Phase

Imagine getting to share the gospel with people you never dreamed of. Outreach changes your perspective of the world and helps you see things for what they really are.

Outreach identifies the needs of the world and allows you to influence it with the gifts and talent that’s God has blessed you with. You will grow in confidence as you step up into what God is calling you to.

Registration fee: $40 AUDLecture phase: $4,200 AUD (including food, accommodation and tuition) Outreach phase: approx $3.500 -$5,000 AUD – depending on location (including food, accommodation, transport, airfares and travel insurance)

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