It’s an exciting brand new season for all YWAM Southlands bases!
YWAM Melbourne, YWAM Adelaide and YWAM Tasmania are all with brand new websites and vision that you should take a look!
We have had a blast in the past years not only working together but being one as the Lord called us to be!
Perhaps some of you have heard that Southlands ended; well, it’s not wrong; but it’s also not all true.
A Season has come to an end and when that happens you can let go with gratitude and let the whole thing be like a graduation; an accomplishment, something that has to finish in order for what’s next to start.
We have graduated from a season that the Lord called us into, a season that we loved and laughed, suffered and learnt heaps from and with each other, but just like any season, they come, they serve a purpose and then they go.
Southlands has united and connected in a heart and covenant level three different YWAM Centres, within hundreds of kilometres apart to become one; and that is what we pursued!
It was so worth it!
Now is the time to move forward to everything God has for each one of us, individually but still as a part of the same family, the YWAM AUSTRALIA family.
We’re all excited about what the future holds!
We invite you to stay connected with us, only now in different ways.